Historic Houses

Cliveden House, luxury hotel and country mansion near London

Cliveden House is a five-star luxury hotel; the building is owned by the National Trust and managed by Iconic Luxury Hotels.

The long history of this country residence in Berkshire near London dates back to 1666 but the current structure was built in 1851 by architect Charles Barry for the 2nd Duke of Sutherland.

Cliveden has strong ties to the British monarchy and was the scene of the famous Profumo Affair.

Ashford Castle in Ireland, 5-star hotel with 800 years of history

It is the ultimate fairytale venue, a magnificent 5-star hotel in the verdant land of Ireland.

Ashford Castle has an ancient and eventful history, dating back to the 13th century. The private home of the Guinness family in the mid-19th century, in 2013 it became part of The Red Carnation Hotel Collection, which carried out an impeccable restoration.

Today Ashford Castle is one of the best luxury hotels in the world.

Château de Compiègne, visiting Napoleon I and Napoleon III

Built by Louis XV and Louis XVI, and renovated by both Napoleon I and Napoleon III, the Château de Compiègne was a centre of court life and exercise of power.

The originality and beauty of this château, the largest neoclassical palace in France, and the quality of its interior decoration and furnishings make it a unique ensemble.

With Versailles and Fontainebleau, this historic site is one of the three largest royal and imperial residences in France.

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